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List Your Property with the Dynamic Duo - John & Steven Norris and get Two for the Price of One

With all the paperwork that goes into ensuring a smooth property sale closing, it’s easy to get discouraged. Not to worry, we'll be there every step of the way. After years of experience negotiating and closing real estate deals, we know exactly what it means for sellers to come across buyers that fit their circumstances.  We have a proven 18-Step Process to List and Sell your property that we share when we sit down together in our listing presentation.

Why work with Us?

When selling your house, it is important to be properly represented in what, for many, is the most important transaction they will engage in.  Not only is your biggest asset at risk, the listing or purchase contracts for our state have important clauses and inclusions that a REALTOR® is trained to understand and ensure their clients are protected. We provide legal protection for you as well post-transaction should there be any issues that occur with the purchase or sale of the property you own. It is not worth the risk to be vulnerable to litigation that could drain your to assets and income.

Two for the Price of One.

When you work with us, you are getting TWO Experienced Agents for the price of one!  We share our commission earned - you do not pay anything more to get two agents dedicated to your success. Unlike some teams that have a primary agent and an assistant, we are both primary agents and work equally as hard for you to achieve the results you want.

What about Discount Agents?

Some homeowners look into selling on their own or with discount programs.  The motivation is to save money on the potential commissions that would be paid.  The fact is, statistically sellers who do not use a professional REALTOR® make 17% LESS on the sale of their home. Knowing where to price your property requires guidance and a strategic plan to help net the MOST in the sale of your house. Proper negotiation also needs to be done to secure the best offer, and we are trained in all aspects of the listing process, with a strong emphasis on negotiating skills.

Furthermore, an Agent who offers to sell your property for a low % of commission has to work 2-3 times as hard to earn the income they need to stay viable.  Additionally, if they are not interested in negotiating their earnings, they are probably not going to be effective in negotiating with another agents for YOU.  Discounting and diminishing the value of the services provided by a REALTOR® shows a lack of confidence in understanding worth. This translates into how they will value your property and work to get your the very best price.  It is not about just getting sold.  It is about getting sold at the very BEST PRICE with the BEST TERMS based on market conditions.

Lastly, when you work with us, you get our full attention.  Unlike a discount agent who has to sell bigger volume in order to earn the same income as a full-service REALTOR®, or a company that offers low rates for listing with their agency and puts your property in a "pool of agents" with no one agent focused on your property and sale, we are 100% committed to you and your success.  You can rely on us to provide feedback and excellent communication throughout the process, and ensure all the important milestones that are part of the transaction process are properly completed. 

Here are some preliminary things to consider before selling your property.


What are your Property Facts?

You will be instrumental in helping build an excellent marketing campaign for your property.  The great aspects about your property, features, updating/remodeling you have done, and the surrounding area is information a potential buyer needs to know.  

We will validate the square footage and parcel size with the county, and you will want to make sure all areas of your property have been accurately reflected. If there are additions that were not permitted, they will not show up in the title records and will have to be addressed during the listing process.

Look at the terms of your existing loan and ask your REALTOR® for a lender who can help you fund the purchase of a home.

Research the current market and property laws in your area.

We have access to the most current data on properties for sale that are similar to yours.  This includes days on market, pricing adjustments, and visuals.  This analysis helps determine the best list price for your property as it is both an art and a science to price a property where it will sell at the best price.  We can properly assess how your property fits in the market based on its condition, and also determine the best terms available.

What property disclosure laws do you need to take into consideration?

When selling, the law states you need to properly disclose known issues with your property. With our proper guidance we can help best share any information related to issues of repair with potential buyers so they remain confident about their purchase.  Many real estate transactions fall apart because of the inability of the listing agent to assuage the concerns of the buyers.

Set the price.

Once you know the specifics about your home and have checked out what similar properties in your area are selling for, set a realistic price.  Your REALTOR® will provide strategic guidance on where to price your property for sale.  You don't want to be overpriced as your property will sit on the market.  Buyers do their homework too and will know if your property is priced above the acceptable range supported by market comparables. You also don't want to be underpriced and leave money on the table.  There is a range of acceptable pricing that we help determine, and based on the condition of the home and presentation of the property, we can list closer to the top of the acceptable range.  The more you do to help prepare your house for sale, the more money you will make in the sale.

Determine financing alternatives.

Ask your REALTOR® for recommendations of lenders to determine what the options are for your prospective buyer. You want to be informed before they ask about terms for the loan, or your lack of knowledge may turn them off from dealing with you.

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